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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of internships are available at the Libra Group?
Positions are available in finance, marketing, social responsibility, accounting, IT support, human resources, hotel operations, culinary and more. Click here to search available vacancies.

What does the online, written application entail?
All applicants must provide their contact information, education details and 6 short responses.  You will also need to upload your resume/CV, unofficial college/university transcript, a recent photo and provide two references.  For further details, please review the Applying page

My academic grades are not provided on the United States 4.0 grading scale.  How do I convert my grade point average?
Please consult with your academic counselor or study abroad office to determine the equivalency of your cumulative GPA to ensure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria.  

Are there part-time (less than 40 hours per week) internship opportunities available?
No, we only offer full-time opportunities and applicants must be available for the mandatory orientation and internship dates (see key dates). 

Are Masters students eligible to apply?
As per our eligibility criteria, the only postgraduate students who are eligible to apply at this time are those currently pursuing an MBA at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB); M.Sc. in International Shipping, Finance and Management at AUEB; M.Sc. in Maritime Studies at the University of Piraeus; or Masters programs at ALBA Graduate Business School.

Does Libra provide any financial compensation?
Yes, all interns are placed on local payroll. In addition, Libra will directly book and pay for the flight/train(s) to and from orientation, the hotel for the week of orientation and the flight/train(s) to and from each internship location.

Does Libra provide or pay for housing?
No, you will be responsible for your own housing arrangements. Before arrival, Libra's Social Responsibility team will provide you with a housing guide based on alumni recommendations and connect you with your fellow interns if you are seeking roommates. 

I am not affiliated with one of Libra’s supporters. Can I still apply?  
Yes, a supporter affiliation is not required.  We welcome applications from all around the world as long as you meet the eligibility criteria

Do I need to have an academic and/or professional background in the business area to which I apply?
Libra welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Some positions may require knowledge and skills related to a specific industry, so please review the qualifications before selecting your top choice vacancies.  It is important for applicants to demonstrate strong interest in the industry/industries to which they are applying, along with proactivity and initiative. 

Do I need to speak the local language of my internship location? 
Yes, it is required.  Language requirements for specific internship positions can be found by clicking "more details" when reviewing vacancies.  Regardless of internship location, all applicants must be fluent in English as per the eligibility criteria

If I need a visa, will Libra assist with the process?
Yes, upon acceptance to the program, Libra will work with you through the visa process.

I am currently studying in the US on an F1 visa. Can I apply to the Program?
Yes, however, you will need to check with the International Student Office (ISO) at your college/university to ensure the Libra Internship Program complies with your visa requirements.

Which internship position should I apply for?
This is a personal decision. We suggest you research and review all internship vacancies, and think about how your interests and skills would relate to your preferred vacancy. Once you have decided, click “Apply” to begin the online application for that opening.

Can I apply for more than one internship position?
No, but you can list your 2nd preference on your application. Libra will consider each applicant for his or her 1st choice, but will also review the 2nd choice listed. Should you be invited to a live interview, our team will discuss these roles with you, and may also suggest other suitable vacancies. 

I have submitted my application. Can I make changes?
No, you cannot make changes after submission. We strongly suggest that you take your time, proofread, and provide thoughtful answers. You may save your answers and return to continue your application before the deadline.

Does the application require letters of recommendation?
No, but please provide your references' contact information on your application.  Our team may be in contact with your listed references during the live interview stage (see key dates).  At least one of the references must be academic.

What is an unofficial transcript?
An unofficial transcript is a student’s academic record without signature, seal, date or sealed envelope. Examples of an unofficial transcript include a degree audit report, grade report or an online student portal snapshot. Please speak with a school counselor should you have any questions about accessing your unofficial transcript. 

Am I required to submit my official transcript?
Yes, in addition to uploading your unofficial transcript, all candidates are required to submit an official transcript to confirm you meet the minimum GPA requirement.  Please request that your college/university mail or email your official transcript to our team at the following address:

By Mail: 
Libra Internship Program  
Libra Social Program LLC 
134 East 40th Street  
New York, NY 10016

By Email:

Libra Internship Program

My college/university does not provide transcripts in English. Do I need to provide an official translation?
Yes, please upload a PDF document with an English translation to your online application, as our team will use this document for reference when reviewing your non-English transcript. Please be advised that an official or government translation is not required.

I am a freshman and have not yet received my fall grades. What document should I submit for my unofficial transcript?
Please submit an unofficial transcript such as an online student portal snapshot or a degree audit report to confirm which courses you are taking this semester. Once you have received your grades, please email a revised copy to and request that your college/university mail or email your official transcript to our team.

I have submitted my online application and pre-recorded video submission – what happens next?
Once applications are reviewed, all successful candidates are invited to a live interview. Please see key dates to confirm when live interviews begin

I have been invited to a live interview – what should I expect?
Interviews are typically conducted by video call.  Prepare for the interview; expect to be asked questions about the Libra Group and your preferred placement(s). Wear a suit or equivalent. 

Can I reapply to the Libra Internship Program if I do not get accepted?
Yes, but you are only permitted to submit one application per year. E.g. If you apply for Summer 2017, you cannot apply to Winter 2018; you must wait until Summer 2018 applications are open to re-apply.