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Frequently Asked Questions

How has COVID-19 impacted the Libra Internship Program?
Libra and its businesses are closely monitoring the situation. Libra is committed to the safety of its employees and interns. As the pandemic evolves, Libra will make a determination if orientation and the internship placement will be held in person, remotely or hybrid.

To learn more about how our team responded to COVID-19 with the Winter 2020 intern cohort, read this blog post.

Are there part-time (less than 40 hours per week) internship opportunities available?
No, applicants must be available full-time for the mandatory orientation and internship dates (see key dates). 

Is there flexibility with the internship dates?
Applicants must be available full-time for the mandatory orientation and program dates. We encourage you to review the summer and winter program dates to determine which program is more suitable with your academic schedule. At this time, we cannot accommodate internships outside of these dates.

Does Libra provide any financial compensation?
Yes, all interns are placed on local payroll. In addition, Libra will directly book and pay for the flight(s) to orientation, accommodation for orientation and the flight(s) to and from each internship location. If applicable, Libra will also assist with internship visa costs.

Does Libra provide or pay for housing?
No, you will be responsible for your own housing arrangements. Before arrival, the Social Responsibility team will provide you with a housing guide and if applicable, connect you with interns in the same location if you are seeking roommates. 

I am an international student, can I still apply?
Yes, upon acceptance to the program, Libra will work with you through the visa process. Please note that Libra does not sponsor spouse or family visas.

Can I request a preferred city or location?
All interns will experience an international environment regardless of location given the global reach of the Libra Group. We strongly encourage you to apply based upon your preferred focus areas as this will help us determine the best placement fit for you.

My college/university does not provide transcripts in English. Do I need to provide an official translation?
No, an official government translation is not required. Our team will be in touch if we need your assistance with translation.

I am a first year student and have not yet received my grades. What should I list as my GPA and what document should I submit for my unofficial transcript?
Please list your expected GPA on your online application and upload your semester schedule to confirm which courses you are taking this semester. Once you have received your grades, please email your unofficial transcript to so we can update your supporting materials for your online application.

Can I reapply to the Libra Internship Program if I do not get accepted?
Yes, but you are only permitted to submit one application per year. E.g. If you apply for Summer 2021, you cannot apply to Winter 2022; you must wait until Summer 2022 applications are open to re-apply.

How can I check on the status of my application?
All applicants will be notified by email regarding final decisions, so please monitor your email and spam folder for updates. If you have an exploding offer or need to withdraw at any stage, please email our team.