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Real Estate

The Libra Group real estate interests in over 20 countries. Libra’s portfolio is diverse and spans residential, hospitality, retail and commercial properties.

Libra’s owned portfolio today includes prime properties in London, Manhattan, Miami, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Bangkok as well as a range of commercial buildings across Europe and Central America.

Libra also has a significant portfolio of real estate under development globally including more than 5.8 million square feet of commercial and residential property developed and under development across the Americas.

While the broad strategy is focused on the long term, there have been some opportunistic investments, such as Libra’s Singapore residential property portfolio that was accumulated in 2004 and sold in 2007.

In addition to Libra’s direct real estate investments, Libra has also invested in real estate services businesses globally.

Applying a global perspective to our real estate portfolio has created a balanced asset base, combining sustainable investment targets with niche opportunities.

Stephen Kines,
Group General Counsel