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With origins in global shipping, we have always maintained a commitment to the maritime industry, acquiring 76 vessels since 2009.

Between 2004 and 2007 our shipping subsidiary, Lomar, sold a total of 67 vessels and re-entered the market at scale in 2009 with the $325m acquisition of the Allocean group and its 26-ship fleet. Since then we have gone to build a mixed fleet of bulk carriers, container ships, offshore vessels, LPG, products and chemical tankers which stands at over 70 vessels.

Recognizing the need to develop a future-ready fleet, we have placed recent orders for over 20 new bulk carriers and container ships that exhibit the fuel-efficient technology and environmental benefits that the market will rightly demand in the years to come.

Shipping is part of our corporate DNA. In recent years we have been investing at scale to create a modern, economical, mixed fleet.

George Logothetis,
Chairman and CEO