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Lomar is Libra’s global ship owning and management group. The company has a mixed fleet of over 80 bulk carriers, container ships, products and chemical tankers.

For 40 years, Libra’s shipping division successfully invested and re-invested according to market cycles. The company sold a total of 67 vessels between 2004 and 2007.

In December 2009 the company re-entered the shipping market at scale with the $325 million acquisition of the Allocean group and its fleet of 26 modern vessels. During the sustained downturn in the ensuing years, Libra acquired over 125 vessels for $2 billion.

These include over 25 modern, fuel-efficient container ships and ‘Ultramax’ bulk carriers, all from Chinese shipyards.

As part of the continuous process of refreshment and renewal of the fleet, Lomar selectively sells vessels. In August 2014, it sold its entire offshore fleet. Today Lomar has a total fleet of over 80 vessels.

Libra’s London-based management organization, Lomar Shipping, provides technical and commercial maritime services. Lomar also has offices in Bremen and Singapore.


Shipping is part of our corporate DNA. In recent years we have been investing at scale to create a modern, economical, mixed fleet.

George Logothetis,
Chairman and CEO